Friday Afternoon Reads: Emerging Markets

cartoon-golfer-008Some things I’m reading this afternoon:

  • When easy money ends (ProjectSyndicate)
  • Putting Emerging Market stock losses in perspective (WealthOfCommonSense); see also, The scene is set for bargain-hunting in Emerging Markets, but there are reasons for caution (FT); see also, Dark side of capital in Emerging Markets (NYT)
  • Gauging the markets latest moves (Barrons)
  • What happens when you heckle Chicago fans at a Blackhawks game? (ChicagoMag)
  • Tina Fey with Jerry Seinfeld (ComediansInCarsGettingCoffee)


Friday Afternoon Reads: stocks offer protection amid rising rates

cartoon-golfer-008Some things I’m reading this afternoon:

  • Stocks offer protection amid rising rates (PragCap)
  • Investing 2014: the smart money is betting on Europe (FiscalTimes)
  • U.S. stocks cheap on 12 of 15 historical valuation measures (TRB)
  • Stronger than expected retail sales (Bespoke)
  • Worst year in history for bond funds (CNNmoney)
  • Feeble construction hiring is a stubborn drag on growth (NYT)
  • Love Actually: the most divisive film of all time? (SaltLakeTribune)
  • 50 best things to do in Chicago this winter (TimeOutChicago)

Thursday Morning Reads: why so many Americans are missing out on the market’s rise

chainlinkfence2Some things I’m reading this morning:

  • Europe repeating all the errors of Japan as deflation draws closer (Telegraph)
  • Why so many Americans are missing out on the stock market boom (TheWeek)
  • Home buyers are scarce, so renters take their place (NYT)
  • Kass: everybody in the pool (TheStreet)
  • Too bullish for comfort (Barrons)
  • Looks like the Apple and China Mobile deal might happen after all (CNBC)
  • My kid’s insane Christmas wish list (Deadspin)

Monday Morning Reads: Hugh Hendry capitulates

linkchainSome things I’m reading this morning:

  • Hugh Hendry capitulates and throws in his bearish towel and turns bullish (ZeroHedge)
  • Momentum continues (DynamicHedge)
  • Confusing fear bubbles with stock bubbles (InvestingCaffeine)
  • Bond market taking Fed at its word that interest rates will be low for quite some time (Econbrowser)
  • The gold contrarian bet (24/7WallStreet)
  • Think Black Friday is the best day to get a deal? Think again (LAtimes)
  • Bears defensive meltdown hard to watch (CBSchicago)

Friday Morning Reads: dow closes over 16k for the first time

cartoon-golfer-008Some things I’m reading this morning:

  • Dow closes over 16k for the first time (CNNmoney)
  • David Tepper says stock market is not in a bubble (BloombergTV)
  • Investors way of U.S. stock surge, even as money piles in (Reuters)
  • Divergence in the price of crude and the price of energy equities (ChartsETC)
  • An optimistic view of the U.S. (Economix)
  • Goldman: the S&P could drop 10% sometime in 2014 (Marketwatch)
  • Twitter war: Ashton Kutcher vs. Wal-Mart (Salon)
  • Behind the scenes of Rahm Emanuel’s poor mayoral strategy (AlterNet)
  • Mayor Ford/Chris Farley mashup (AVclub)
  • Bob Dylan’s interactive video for ‘Like a Rolling Stone”–hint, flip the channels (BobDylan)

Tuesday Morning Reads: Is that really a reason to be bearish?

chainlinkfenceSome things I’m reading this morning:

  • Tesla crashes back down to earth (Bespoke)
  • Jack Welch was right all along–census ‘faked’ 2012 election jobs report (NYpost)
  • Kass: the flawed case for a bull market (TheStreet)
  • Is that really a reason to be bearish? (MacroMan)
  • U.S. stock market nears milestone heaven (USAtoday)
  • A conflict in Geithner’s new job? Not really (Dealbook)
  • When Iran negotiations aren’t about Iran (OilPrice)
  • Good riddance Maria Bartiromo (TheDailyBeast)

Monday Morning Reads: 5 ways to know you’re in a bubble

chainlinkfence2Some things I’m reading this morning:

  • Jim Chanos on taking risks early (TRB)
  • 5 ways to know you’re in a bubble (Marketwatch); see also, People just can’t stop talking about how we’re in a bubble (BusinessInsider)
  • Deflationary risks rising in the Eurozone (Soberlook)
  • Chart of the day (PragCap)
  • The Obama presidency is not over, but it is failing (FT)
  • Comedian Rob Delaney reflects on his time in rehab (TheAtlantic)
  • JP Morgan shows exactly how not to use Twitter (Buzzfeed)

Thursday Morning Reads: no inflation in developed world despite QE

atsignSome things I’m reading this morning:

  • Mckinsey lays out tapering blowback (Macrobusiness)
  • No inflation in the developed world despite QE (PragCap); see also, a PragCap twofer, Are we in a stock market bubble? (PragCap)
  • Stocks: the facts do not support euphoria (CiovaccoCapital)
  • Gundlach: the U.S. stock market is the only game in town (BusinessInsider)
  • Did Obama lie about healthcare reform or just omit a crucial detail? (LAtimes)
  • Tidying up your financial life (Bucksblog)
  • Do you ride Chicago’s CTA?  If so, you’ve dealt with the Ventra mess (Chicagoist)
  • Lou Reed’s New York was Hell or Heaven (NYT)

Wednesday Morning Reads: the simple reason stocks won’t quit

Links17662Some things I’m reading this morning:

  • If you don’t know how your financial advisor is compensated, you might want to figure it out (WSJ)
  • The simple reason stocks won’t quit (CNBC)
  • Japan effect eclipses Fed taper concerns (FT)
  • This is your brain in a bull market (Marketwatch)
  • Bridgewaters Ray Dalio: Alpha is dead (CNBC)
  • Wall Street just sent a strong hint to tech investors (USAtoday)
  • Ten laws of stock market bubbles (TheStreet)
  • Dying to win: Frostburg State football player pressured back on field after blows to the head (WashingtonTimes)

Tuesday Morning Reads: Germany is ripping off the world

chainlinkfence2Some things I’m reading this morning:

  • Next from the ECB: here comes QE (Zerohedge)
  • S&P 500 sector breadth (Bespoke)
  • Gold is no safe haven, no new investment class, and no paper money substitute (Forbes)
  • Germany is ripping off the world (CNBC)
  • Fitch downgrades Chicago’s bond rating (YahooFinance)
  • Is the fiduciary battle shifting with FINRA’s “Report on conflicts of interest?” (NerdsEyeView)
  • Investors need to starve the hedge fund beast (FT)
  • 31% of college admission officers say they look at social media sites to weed out applicants (WP)
  • Charlie Trotter alumni pay homage to celebrated chef (ChicagoTribune)

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