Some things I’m reading this morning:

  • Schedule of economic data for this week (CalculatedRisk)
  • Optimistic take on U.S. economy–‘Why the USA is the comeback kid’ (Economist)
  • Pessimistic take on stocks as earnings are set-up for a overly aggressive call for improvement in the 4th quarter (Zerohedge
  • Another financial scumbag.  This story is bad for Chicago, Iowa & most importantly, investor confidence (Yahoo)
  • Politics and investing don’t mix (Barrons)
  • 10 most popular tech stocks among hedge funds (Marketwatch)
  • United Techologies is a buy according to Barrons (Barron’s 07.16.12 UTX)
  • Springsteen & McCartney cut-off by a London curfew (CNN)
  • The scumbaggery is reaching epic proportions in finance after Bernie Madoff, Allen Stanford, Raj Rajaratnam & now Wasendorf from PFGBest…but our disappointment in a so-called American sports legend is best depicted from a child’s perspective  (JD Crowe)