Some things I’m reading this morning:

  • Goldman Sachs blows past earnings estimates; shares move higher in pre-open (CNBC)
  • Retail sales numbers should be a slap in the face (FedWatch)
  • Cold, hard economic facts for a hot summer (NYT)
  • German economists slug it out over the future of the Euro (FT)
  • It’s hard to care about Europe when we have our own concerns over here (BusinessInsider)
  • Be careful how much company stock you have in your 401k (Bloomberg)
  • Freedom of Info Act docs reveal Treasury officials soliciting prostitutes & accepting gifts (TheHill)
  • Vanguard thinks it’ll be 4 solid years before the Treasury bond bubble bursts (Bloomberg)
  • Calpers earns just 1% (FT)
  • Jumbo mortgage market is getting larger & stronger (NYT)
  • An oral history of the ‘Dream Team’ (GQ)