Some things I’m reading this morning:

  • Before the bell:  Morgan Stanley swings to a profit, but the big news is the revenue slide due to a drop off in trading revenue.  Shares are falling 2.8% in the pre-market (Dealbook)
  • Your burger is about to get pricier (CNN)
  • Blackstone Group is buying houses in mass in order to rent and bet on a recovery in the housing market (Reuters)
  • Marissa Mayer is Yahoo’s new CEO.  37 yrs old, 6 months pregnant and she couldn’t be more ready for a very tough job (Slate)
  • Jim Chanos, the famous short seller, thinks Hewlett Packard is a ‘value trap’.  In other words, a stock that appears cheap, but will get cheaper partly due to accounting gimicks where they hide actual negative cash flow (Barrons)
  • Totally inspirational…legless climber conquers Kilimanjaro…something to think about the next time you complain about having to endure the next rush hour traffic jam, or the half hour jog on the treadmill or the walk to the ‘L stop in the 20 degree cold (CBSnews)
  • UBS broker may have taken stress out on 70 windows in Beverly Hills using ‘slingshot projectiles’ (Dealbreaker)
  • Banker tatoos (Buzzfeed)
  • Getting Medieval.  600 year old linen bras found in Austrian castle (PhysOrg)
  • Peter Travers reviews The Dark Knight Rises…yea, I’m going (RollingStone)