Some stuff I’m reading this morning:

  • Senseless and tragic.  At least 12 dead, dozens wounded in shooting in Colorado theater (CNN)
  • Yesterday’s housing data was perceived as universally negative.  Not so fast says Calculated Risk.  They say what matters for NARs existing home sale report is inventory, and inventory is decreasing (CalculatedRisk)
  • More housing:  signs that it may be coming back from the dead (Businessweek)
  • Doug Kass argues high probability for a range bound market, with low probability of recession, but an underwhelming & less than compelling investment opportunity (TheStreet)
  • What do SpongeBob SquarePants and that scum bag CEO Russell Wasendorf from PFGbest have in common?  Coins?  These fraud cases always get stranger & stranger (Reuters)
  • More and more brokers from the ‘wirehouse’ banks and brokerage houses are making their way to become independent advisors (InvestmentNews)
  • Bob Chinns in Wheeling was named the nation’s highest grossing restaurant with $24 million in annual revenue, not including alcohol sales (Sun-Times)
  • Plane flying above Penn State has a message for the university (Deadspin)
  • European debt crisis solutions (TheOnion)
  • American baby names are somehow getting worse (Deadspin)