Some things I’m reading this morning:

  • Central banks unorthodox actions are cutting lending (Bloomberg)
  • Some at the Fed urge pre-emptive stimulus (NYT)
  • Morgan Stanley: this is the most bullish potential event in 2012 (PragmaticCapitalism)
  • The Euro crisis:  when Draghi isn’t everything–political leaders have a responsibility to see this crisis through to an end (Economist)
  • Forget your cost basis: all good investment decision-making is forward looking (AlephBlog)
  • Natural gas hits 7-month highs (24/7WallStreet)
  • More Chinese regions propose mega-stimulus (MacroBusiness)
  • Economy tests Harvard (WSJ)
  • Olympic medal count (ESPN)
  • 1979 Australian TV interview with Tom Waits that seems to be Heath Ledger’s inspiration for the Joker in The Dark Knight (Filmdrunk)