Market’s sure in a good mood today.  ECB rhetoric from yesterday is being re-interpreted in a favorable light, good jobs number (+163MM jobs), and a pleasant surprise with the ISM services number.  Here are some quick links for a Friday afternoon:

  • ISM Services surprises to the upside (Bespoke)
  • Stock trader’s almanac:  August outlook (ReformedBroker)
  • A very good economic indicator has turned positive.  The problem is that the data is being promoted by the always bullish, yet mostly wrong, Tom Lee.  Anyway, here’s the indicator (BusinessInsider)
  • Going to Lollapalooza?  Some more faves including Glenview area’s Purple Apple show on Friday & Saturday afternoon at the Kidz stage (Chicagoist)
  • Another local kid makes good.  Loyola’s Conor Dwyer helped Michael Phelps make history earlier in the week (ChicagoTribune)