Some things I’m reading this morning:

  • Stock futures drift higher this morning:  here’s why (MarketWatch)
  • As The German economy caves, EU bailouts take on new dimensions (BusinessInsider)
  • Chicken or the egg:  the actively managed ETF problem (TRB)
  • As stock prices have risen, the bond market has not confirmed that additional “risk taking” is warranted (PragmaticCapitalism)
  • Best Buy founder looking for graceful, confusing exit (DealBreaker)
  • Is the election holding back the Fed (TimDuy)
  • QE3, diminishing equity returns & superior bond returns (PragmaticCapitalism)
  • Thomas Friedman:  get it right on natural gas (NYT)
  • 15 Olympic officials apparently spent $70k on a lunch (BusinessInsider)
  • U.S. judo Olympian kicked out for accidentally eating pot (NYDN)