Some things I’m reading this morning:

  • Pre-market brief:  jobless claims on deck (MarketBeat)
  • Fed’s actions have put a floor on the market, but they also need to allow for a bit of inflation (Economist); see also views from an inflation hawk (SmartMoney)
  • China’s July disappoints (MacroBusiness)
  • Warning signs:  earnings beating estimates, but revenues aren’t (TBP)
  • Zillow says housing has bottomed, but Cullen briefly describes why an ‘event-style’ bottom is unlikely (PragmaticCapitalism)
  • Corn prices are surging to new highs (BusinessInsider)
  • Study:  pretending everything’s okay works (TheOnion)
  • Analyst leaves Ray Dalio’s Bridgewater Assoc to start a bakery called Double or Muffin (Dealbreaker); see also Josh’s irreverent take on this (ReformedBroker)