Some things I’m reading this morning:

  • A single tweet by Bill Gross explains why he’s getting QE wrong (BusinessInsider)
  • Goldman believes the economy is stronger than you think (PragmaticCapitalism)
  • Chinese non-performing loans are rising (MacroBusiness)
  • Alternatives to stocks all look expensive (MarketWatch)
  • Merkel’s comments have a QE effect on the market (CNBC)
  • Patience is a necessary ingredient in portfolio management (AlephBlog)
  • Who wants to help Jon Corzine open a hedge fund? (Dealbreaker)
  • Jay-Zs blueprint for Brooklyn (NYT)
  • A rousing defense of Jonah Lehrer-the guy who exaggerated the Bob Dylan quotes–he’s not as bad as Dick Fuld–the guy who ran Lehman & almost took down the entire financial system (HarvardBusinessReview)
  • 29 best concerts of this weekend in Chicago (TimeOutChicago)