Some things I’m reading this morning:

  • The Fed is too worried about inflation (TimDuy)
  • If this report is true, the ECB is getting ready to firing off the bazooka (BusinessInsider)
  • The chart that keeps us up at night (GlobalMacroMonitor)
  • Weighing the week ahead (ADashOfInsight)
  • Why the prolonged economic slump?  One word: housing (BubbleMeter)
  • Goldman’s contrarian call:  buy Europe & sell U.S. (BusinessInsider)
  • The big bet that nothing will happen in the weeks ahead (Michael Panzner)
  • China is not U.S. manufacturing’s biggest foe (24/7 Wall Street)
  • Music tour bus drivers are now taken for granted and under threat of extinction (Spin)
  •  A promising basketball stars career is derailed (NYT)