Some things I’m reading this morning:

  • U.S. stock futures are down in the pre-market (Marketwatch)
  • Get ready for the fall (TheStreet)
  • Market volatility gauges are much higher in China & Europe than in the U.S. (Economist)
  • Gold & Silver rallied yesterday, but premiums on gold vs silver decisively favor gold (Jesse’sCafe)
  • No recession now, but when (PragCap)
  • Hedge funds are conservatively positioned, Goldie report finds only 11% of hedge funds outperforming (CNBC);  See also, cautious investors may tame hedge funds, at a cost (Reuters)
  • Adding Paul Ryan to the ticket hasn’t moved the needle for Romney (WSJ)
  • Ziggy Marley talks about his father’s music changed music history (Nightline)
  • Remembering Tony Scott through his most beloved movies (VanityFair)