Some things I’m reading this morning:

  • Jackson Hole may disappoint investors primed for stimulus (Bloomberg); see also, Draghi to miss Jackson Hole due to heavy workload (CNBC)
  • QE3: shutup you have no idea (TRB)
  • Is Australia in the same boat as Europe (FTAlphaville)
  • Why home prices are rising: the ‘distressed share’ (WSJ)
  • China’s lost decade (Bespoke)
  • Housing market and U.S. economy are now less coupled together than in the past (SoberLook)
  • Why did mom drag me here? Bored kids at political events (Slate)
  • Words can’t describe how horrible this is (Dealbreaker)
  • Bob Mould’s new album is streaming on Rolling Stone (RollingStone)