Some things I’m reading this morning:

  • Why this Fed decision is a gamechanger and different from every other Fed decision (BusinessInsider)
  • A disturbing look inside the mind of Ben Bernanke (PragCap)
  • The new rules as a result of QE3 (TRB)
  • Timeless investment advice from Peter Lynch (MarketFolly)
  • Can the shale gas boom go global? (Economist)
  • Pettis: China headed for 3-4% growth (Macrobusiness)
  • JPM erases stock drop fueled by London trading loss (Bloomberg)
  • Apple iPhone 5 vs. 4s: which is the better buy (Marketwatch)
  • Packers get their powerful machine up & running (MilwaukeeJS)
  • Conan’s wife audition tapes (VanityFair)