Some things I’m reading this morning:

  • Some Wall Streeters reveal the one thing they think could wreck the rally (BusinessInsider)
  • A closer look at the latest addition to the DoubleLine fund family (Morningstar)
  • Behind Goldman Sachs’ success is a focus on survival (Dealbook)
  • Bank of Japan joins the QE party (NYT)
  • Sign of inflation? Fed Ex to increase express shipping prices by 3.9% in January 2013 (FedEx)
  • The three costs of QE3 (TRB)
  • Time for a new look at refining stocks (SeekingAlpha)
  • Peggy Noonan: Time for an intervention (WSJ); see also, wait, now Kanye West offers an opinion on Romney & taxes.  I’m not sure what KW is trying to say, but the new single sure sounds good (TheAtlantic)
  • Watch the trailer for the Jeff Buckley biopic (RadioMilwaukee); see also, Jeff Buckley performing his incredible version of Hallelujah (YouTube)