Some things I’m reading this morning:

  • Stock futures up on hopes that Spain will ask for pre-emptive bailout (Marketwatch)
  • Stung by losses, main street investors fail to notice market’s rebound (Businessweek)
  • A Federal Reserve Governor shockingly changes his opinion on low rates (BusinessInsider)
  • JP Morgan’s mortgage-backed migraine (Reuters)
  • Merrill Lynch raises minimum stock trading fees from $50 to $75 (FinancialPlanning)
  • Thresholds in the economic effects of oil prices (Econbrowser)
  • Wall Street donors stick with Romney, for now (FoxBusiness)
  • Chicago’s next school crisis: pension fund is running dry (NYT)
  • ‘Okay, Gene, Let’s Just Get Through This,’ Marketing exec beginning day tells self (TheOnion)
  • You had a monster hit, now what? (NYT)