Some things I’m reading this morning:

  • The QE hangover (MarketBeat)
  • S&P works off overbought levels (Bespoke)
  • Barry Ritholtz of Fusion IQ on stocks outlook (Bloomberg)
  • Home prices rise again, this time on the low end (NYT)
  • Eurozone as it happened: riot police clash w/ anti-austerity protesters in Madrid (Guardian)
  • On Keystone, environmentalists lose by winning (Bloomberg)
  • Cellphones are eating the family budget (WSJ)
  • Why exit is an option for Germany (FT)
  • White Sox announcer Hawk Harrelson named most biased announcer in baseball (WSJ)
  • 32 photos of NFL coaches yelling at scab refs (Deadspin)
  • I’m not Jay Cutler’s biggest fan, but Chris Chelios is an idiot (TMZ)