Some things I’m reading this morning:

  • The combined $63 billion earned by the 6 largest banks is the most earned since the peak in 2006 (Bloomberg)
  • Rare occurence in Saudi currency market tells you trouble is brewing in Middle East (BusinessInsider)
  •  Iran cracks down on money changers as currency plummets (FoxNews)
  • U.S. & Europe nowhere close to ending the crisis according to Krugman (Bloomberg)
  • Apple & MicroSoft hold a combined $150 billion in cash offshore, untaxed & withheld from our domestic economy (DealBook)
  • David Rosenberg’s advice: search for secure income (PragCap)
  • Chelsea Clinton left Wall Street to find career with meaning (Bloomberg)
  • Romney clearly gets the better of Obama in Round 1 of the debates; here’s Kudlow’s take (CNBC)
  • Intrade odds move after debate: Romney’s odds (Intrade), Obama’s odds (Intrade)