Some things I’m reading this morning:

  • It is still fashionable to be negative on the economy and the future (DynamicHedge)
  • Weighing the week ahead (ADashOfInsight)
  • Slowdown set to take toll on Q3 earnings (FT)
  • China’s demographic perfect storm & robots (AlsoSprachAnalyst)
  • Cash flows are critical for Tesla (DealBook)
  • Jack Welch knows a thing or two about cooking the books (TBP)
  • Liberals fret: Is Obama bored? (WashingtonExaminer)
  • Pete Townsend: the voice of ‘My Generation’ (WSJ)
  • Jon Stewart & Bill O’Reilly debated on Saturday night (ABCnews)
  • Chicago hip-hop music’s raw bust of change (NYT)