Some things I’m reading this morning:

  • Why California’s gas spike price won’t spread (MarketWatch)
  • Investors use of margin at an increased rate shows their bullish about stocks (WSJ)
  • The Euro just got whomped (BusinessInsider)
  • China is like Japan and not in a good way(MacroBusiness)
  • When the tax tail wags your investment dog (BucksBlog)
  • Facing an alarming economic slowdown, Asia needs to shift to a model based more on rising domestic demand and relying more on its service industries (Economist)
  • One advisor’s case for just some active management in mutual funds (ChicagoFinancialPlanner)
  • Pew poll: Romney takes 4 point lead among likely voters (WP)
  • Your giant engagement ring looks stupid, Jennifer Aniston (Gawker)
  • This is an amazing story: Rodriquez, the rock icon who didn’t know it (60minutes)