Some things I’m reading this morning:

  • ‘Out of office reply’ (TRB)
  • Why mutual funds don’t beat the market (MercenaryTrader)
  • Costco Q4 net beats estimate; comp sales up 5% (MarketWatch)
  • Cummins adds to the list of economic bellweathers expecting a weak economy (PragCap)
  • 20% of firms cook the books during earnings (CNBC)
  • Here’s how the world’s biggest bond fund–PIMCOs Total Return–is now positioned (InvestmentNews)
  • Economic tug of war–stock market downside should be favored (SeabreezePartners)
  • Einhorn should be short Whole Foods instead of Chipotle (SeekingAlpha)
  • Wedding fails compilation (ZorillaCity)
  • Baseball fans now go to games as cash cows, to be milked in corporate barns(NewGeography)