My good friend, Jeff Zimmerman, along with fellow artist Jason Brammer moved into a new art studio in Chicago’s Humboldt Park neighborhood.  They’re having an Open Studio event this Saturday night from 5 pm until 8 pm at 1035 N. California Ave, Chicago.

You can check out Jeff’s website at

Here are a couple of Jeff’s invitations for the party:

Invitation #1, an appeal to the political types:

Hey Republicans! Awesome that you’re all coming to our show! Bringing all that wealth you created by yourselves! Thanks for coming to support Jason and I!

Come over and trickle down on us! A shower of gold!

I mean, Hey Democrats! Awesome you’re coming to our show and bringing all that wealth Jason and I helped you create! And we’re happy you’re gonna spread it around on us.

Come spread it around on top of Jason and I!

And YOU 99% of people who are coming (buncha broke people and artists looking for beer and some crackers) we got you covered with some good times and drinks. We look forward to seeing everyone! Coolio.


Invitation #2: an appeal to the beer drinker types:  Did we mention at our art show there will be a keg of Stella and another keg of beer-snob craft beer? We did? Cool. It’s like an art show you actually want to go to and hang out at. Yep, just like that. And since we like the people upstairs we’ll kick you all out at a decent hour. Decent if you’re an old fart like me.

Thanks to Estelles and Dark Matter Coffee for the love via the beer.