Some things I’m reading this morning:

  • In a surprise, Pandit steps down as Citi’s chief (DealBook); see also, meet Michael Corbat, Citi’s new CEO (Zerohedge)
  • Deutsche Bank turns bullish on U.S. growth due to housing (SoberLook); see also, housing recovery in perspective (WonkWire)
  • Consuelo Mack in a rare interview with Bruce Berkowitz about his favorite stocks (WealthTrack)
  • Mortgage REITS continue their post QE3 slide (Barrons)
  • Is economic growth over forever? (NYT)
  • Can consumers keep up spending? (RealTimeEconomics)
  • Soros: Germany must act to solve “nightmare” euro crisis (Reuters)
  • Could Jesse jackson Jr be Indicted before election day? (ChicagoMagazine)