Some things I’m reading this morning:

  • Pre-market stocks are down as earnings spark global slowdown worry (YahooFinance)
  • A second look at P/E ratios (RickFerri)
  • The U.S. needs a minor miracle to get back to normal (PragCap)
  • Bernanke: you can’t fire me, I’m going to quit in 2014 (BusinessInsider)
  • U.S. stocks top all other assets for the first time since ’95 (Bloomberg)
  • Advertisers fail to follow mobile trend (FT)
  • Sharp declines in equity correlations should improve alpha generation (SoberLook)
  • Magazines vs. digital start-ups (FelixSalmon)
  • Greg Smith, the guy who wrote that disappointing Goldman Sachs story, is apparently delusional (Dealbreaker)
  • Jeremy Lin cover story (GQ)