Some things I’m reading this mornings:

  • Early moring stock futures drop on AAPL results and a concern over GDP data (Marketwatch); see also, AAPL recoups losses post conference call (Barrons)
  • Everyone is passing around this recession warning chart (BusinessInsider)
  • Manufacturing is the scariest near term data (TimDuy)
  • Stocks and oil diverge (CrossingWallStreet)
  • Global risk appetite still on the rise (SoberLook)
  • Citi chairman is said to have planned Pandit’s exit over months (NYT)
  • Why beauty is rarely worth it (Telegraph)
  • Why are elections on Tuesdays? (MentalFloss)
  • VERY INTERESTING READ…’The Influence Peddler’: how Lance Armstrong duped the mighty (Roopstigo)