Some things I’m reading this morning:

  • U.S. stock trading closed for a second day, joining bonds (Bloomberg)
  • Northeast awakes to huge damage in storm’s path (NYT)
  • Labor department says hurricane may affect jobs report (Bloomberg)
  • On the fullness & boldness of QE’s manipulation of American’s behavior (Zerohedge)
  • John Hussman remains bearish, and while he’s been wrong, he has 6 indicators that make a compelling case to avoid a significant amount of market risk (PragCap)
  • Apple ousts executive in charge of Maps and Siri. A sign that Apple is beginning to show its cracks or a decisive move from the Steve Jobs school of management?  (LAtimes)
  • Goldman Sachs appears to be using bags of cash to protect itself from Sandy’s liquidity surge (JustinWolfers)
  • Do intelligent people drink more alcohol? (DiscoveryNews)