Some things I’m reading this morning:

  • Stock market’s low volatility favors the incumbent (Bloomberg)
  • The 200 day moving average is in sight (CrossingWallStreet)
  • ISM non-manufacturing index decreases in October (CalculatedRisk)
  • Charlie Rose talks to Jeremy Grantham (Businessweek)
  • USA recession odds: 100%? (PragCap)
  • China’s economic destiny in doubt after leadership shock (Telegraph)
  • IMF study: peak oil could do serious damage to the global economy (WP)
  • Dueling political bitterness on cable news channels (NYT)
  • Final look at the Intrade odds: Obama’s chances; see also, Romney’s chances.  To me, the race just feels closer than these odds reveal
  • Hey Jay Cutler, please watch ‘Aaron Rodgers, Leader of the Pack’.  You might learn something (60minutes)