Some things I’m reading this morning:

  • Home Depot raises outlook as housing market improves (CNBC)
  • Technical analysis holds that this correction is ‘probably not over’ (TBP)
  • U.S. to be world’s top energy producer (FT); see also, Emerging Market energy: nuggets from the IEA (FT)
  • Here’s what’s going to happen on the fiscal cliff (BusinessInsider)
  • China’s new lending falls sharply in October (Macrobusiness)
  • Another $15.4 million for disgraced ex-CEO Vikram Pandit (FDL)
  • Recessions can still happen in the face of rising home prices (PragCap)
  • Breaking up w/ Coach K: why I stopped rooting for Duke (Slate)
  • Have you heard the story about Petraeus and his mistress? Oh…well here’s a bit more anyway (DailyNews)