Back in college I remember the Wednesday before Thanksgiving as being the biggest party night of the year.  Tonight, in bed well before midnight, I’ll rest soundly knowing that underage college students will be handed out felonies for attempting to drink beer at a bar.

Does anyone honestly think that a 19 or 20 year old who gets caught with a fake ID in an attempt to enter a bar should be assessed an identical penalty as a person who strikes an officer in the face?  It’s absolutely absurd, but possessing a fake ID in Illinois is considered a Class 4 felony that will permanently remain on a student’s record and could hurt their prospects for future employment.

The state needs money, here’s a legitimate revenue source:  make the penalty a stiff monetary fine of let’s say $500 – $1000.  And if a college kid can’t afford some or all of the ticket, some community service would suffice.  But permanently damaging a kids record for this type of action is too severe a punishment.

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NBCchicago News: in Illinois, having a fake ID is a class 4 felony