Some things I’m reading this morning:

  • Underlying breadth remains strong (Bespoke)
  • Here’s what people are saying was behind last night’s huge rally in China (BusinessInsider)
  • Einhorn cranks up equity exposure (Alpha)
  • We’re probably not getting a deal (MoneyBox)
  • Paulson said to blame bet against Europe for most of his loss (Bloomberg)
  • The bullish case for gold (SoberLook)
  • McAfee emerges from hiding in Guatemala (CNBC)
  • Banks discover money management business again as trading declines (Bloomberg)
  • Good interview with Nate Silver a few weeks back–I didn’t know he was a Univ of Chicago grad (ChicagoMagazine)
  • Charles Schultz’s extramarital affair referenced in specific Peanuts comic strips(VanityFair)