Some things I’m reading this morning:

  • Dueling forecasts: ISM Manufacturing & Services Index (CapitalSpectator)
  • Light seen at end of Euro-crisis tunnel (DerSpiegel)
  • Equity allocations fall to fresh lows (AllStarCharts)
  • Soaring rents drive an apartment boom (NYT)
  • Peter Schiff: the fantasy of a 91% top income tax rate (WSJ)
  • Will U.S. oil consumption continue to decline? (Econbrowser)
  • Behing a flop, a play(wright) within a play (NYT)
  • Artist captures bizarre images shot by Google’s street view cameras (NYdailyNews)
  • Someone in LA is in trouble, and it’s not the dude who found $175k worth of weed in his backyard (Gawker)