There are few money managers in this world worth watching extremely closely.  David Tepper is one such manager.  In the fall of 2010, the last time Tepper was on CNBC, his bullish comments were almost single handedly responsible for a multi-month rally in equity markets (here’s what I wrote in October 2010:  “The rally was on in full force in September after David Tepper, a hedge fund manager with real credibility, made comments on CNBC that stocks were poised for steep gains.”).

This morning, Tepper was at it again on CNBC.  He sounded almost as bullish on equity markets.  Why? It’s simple:  an improving economy (housing, auto) coupled with a $1 trillion in promised Fed stimulus.  He also thinks that now Europe can & will lower interest rates at an aggressive pace if need be.

That’s the summary version of his thoughts.  However, he shares much more in the lengthy clips linked below.  If you have the time, you won’t want to miss Tepper’s take.

David Tepper on CNBC pt I

David Tepper on CNBC pt II

David Tepper on CNBC pt III