Some things I’m reading this morning;

  • A ‘fiscal cliff’ deal is near, here are the details (WonkBlog)
  • 10-year yield creeping higher as it crosses above its 200-day moving average (Bespoke)
  • If a little is good, more must be better (Morningstar)
  • US business confidence surges, even as fiscal cliff uncertainty jumps(BusinessInsider)
  • Bundesbank’s downside forecast (Macrobusiness)
  • Massachusetts fines Morgan Stanley over FaceBook IPO (Dealbook)
  • Will natural gas bounce? (AndrewThrasher)
  • New York Giants’ Victor Cruz pays tribute to Jack Pinto, six-year-old Newtown  Victim (Time)
  • The Incredible Story of Daniel Inouye (Paraagative)
  • Reason to hope after Newtown rampage (NYT)
  • Heavy metal band frontman disgusted by disrespectful Oregon audience (CBSlocal)