Some things I’m reading this morning:

  • Stock futures appear to be continuing their Friday sell off (TBP)
  • Bill Gross: Fed’s ‘Hot Air’ will keep bond bubble aloft in 2013 (DailyTicker)
  • Will 2013 mark the beginning of American decline? (Bloomberg)
  • Why 2012 wasn’t as bad as you think (MotleyFool)
  • The  myth of the ‘bond vigilantes’ (MoneyBox)
  • Forget the fiscal cliff: we don’t need across-the-board tax increases or spending cuts. We need policies that will create more jobs (LAtimes)
  • Profiting from selling puts and calls (Barrons)
  • Why do Americans have less vacation time than anyone else? (BigThink)
  • The O’Reilly Factory (NYT)
  • Jerry Seinfeld is the worst (Deadspin)