Some things I’m reading this morning:

  • Are we in a new secular bull market? (Minyanville)
  • Heads or tails–the 2013 coin toss (dShort)
  • Japan finally takes Bernanke-san’s advice, 10 years later (Reuters)
  • 6 Chinese policies just came into effect and will boost investor confidence (BusinessInsider)
  • The world remains overbought (Bespoke)
  • Real reasons for terrible hedge fund performance: crowded trade and logic 101 (ValueWalk)
  • Lance Armstrong will visit Oprah’s confessional (showbiz411)
  • Obama hosts screening of sitcom 1600 Penn, a show that appears to be absolutely ridiculous (WeeklyStandard)
  • Gen McChrystal on Morning Joe: assault rifles are for battlefields, not schools (NBCnews)