Some things I’m reading this morning:

  • The disastrous consequences of not raising the debt ceiling (PragCap)
  • Why stocks will drop 42% (Marketwatch)
  • Another test of Keynesian economics is underway in Japan (NYT)
  • When the market was in its free-fall, many swore it off for good. What’s sadder about the huge stock recovery: That they missed out? Or still have yet to realize it? (Businessweek)
  • Government spending as a % of GDP in the U.S. & other developed nations (BusinessInsider)
  • Tuition will likely decline this year in a record 15 percent of U.S. public universities (Reuters)
  • The 4-week manipulated price in oil is criminal (EconMatters)
  • Britain’s got a drinking problem (Economist)
  • 10 things to do in Chicago this weekend (ChicagoTribune)