Some things I’m reading this morning:

  • As the AAPL turns: street ponders units, margins & leadership (Barrons); see also, Goldman: investors are overlooking Apple’s EM opportunities (Marketwatch)
  • The 4 dubious assumptions driving the market higher (PragCap)
  • China GDP exceeds expectations, rising 7.9% (BusinessInsider)
  • ECRIs “imminent” recession call is not looking so good (BonddadBlog)
  • Doug Kass: a wolf in sheep’s clothing (TheStreet)
  • How Mario Draghi found a way to rescue the Euro (Businessweek)
  • Japan is rallying again (BusinessInsider)
  • House Republicans are weighing short-term debt limit increase (WP)
  • For Armstrong, a confession without explanation (NYT)