130214210211-carnival-triumph-night-4-c1-mainI’ve been on the computer much of this evening catching up on work–both investment related and personal–and have CNN on in the background.  CNN can be perfectly mindless so as not to intrude on one’s concentration.

Today, CNN has had non-stop coverage of the  “Carninval Cruise ship to Hell”.  Anyone who remotely follows the news media knows that CNN is getting its Ass kicked in the ratings by the O’Reilly’s of the cable world.  CNN’s coverage is such a desparate attempt to claim some kind of sensational stake on news.  The problem is, no one really cares!  Yes, it certainly would suck to be on this ship and we can remotely empathize with these vacationers…but we really don’t care given that the passengers are only being temporarily inconvenienced.

As I write, Donny Douche is offering some wise words on public relations and disaster control.  One of his recommendations is to make the 4,000 passengers Carnival “Ambassadors for life”, offering life long cruise ship discounts.  That’s brilliant, Donny.  The writers over at “The Daily Show” and “Saturday Night Live” are salivating over your commentary.