Some things I’m reading this morning:

  • The Euro is breaking down this morning (BusinessInsider)
  • Case-Shiller shows year-over-year home price gain of 8.1% (CalculatedRisk); see also, Shiller: ‘we’re living in a totally artificial real estate economy’ (BusinessInsider)
  • A twofer from PragCap today:  Krugman, Cyprus should leave the Euro (PragCap); SocGen: how to play the Fed’s exit strategy amid economic recovery (PragCap)
  • Pain across the Eurozone (Macrobusiness)
  • This housing market is different, investors are now big buyers (YahooFinance)
  • Liquidity trap? No it’s a stimulus trap (PeterSchiff)
  • Tracking your finances, one number at a time (BucksBlog)
  • U.S. ties Mexico 0-0 in World Cup qualifier, and people wonder why soccer is so unpopular in this country (NPR)