Some things I’m reading this morning:

  • Still at a trot, this bull may have further to go (NYT)
  • The world’s best investment rotatation strategy (EconomicData)
  • In defense of Ben Bernanke: the alternative is worse (NewYorker)
  • Mohamed El-Erian: markets are sending unusual signals (HuffPost)
  • Five dumb moves to avoid (TBP)
  • Ten things that could wreck this market (24/7WallStreet)
  • Tax-lover Buffet dodges taxes in Goldman deal (NYpost)
  • Josh’s ‘yeah I said it’ tweet…really hilarious, in a nerdy & immature sense, for any investment minded folk (TRB)
  • Men who do more housework have less sex (ScientificAmerican)
  • Five wine blogs I really click with (WSJ)