This is from Josh Brown:

“Every once in awhile the wrong person ends up working at a Wall Street firm and lives to tell their story upon exiting.

Ben Younger, the auteur behind the 2000 film ‘Boiler Room’ had, in fact, trained at one – the film is more autobiographical than you might have thought. he was an outsider and it didn’t take him long to realize what was going on around him. My own experiences have been chronicled here and in my book – it had taken me too long to realize that I couldn’t be a “good broker” no matter how hard I tried because the entire business model is set up to reward conflicted action and avarice – he with the least scruples and fear of regulators wins.

This weekend we hear from former Lehman Brothers trader Nicholas Chirls. Nichols worked at the epicenter of credit bubble psychosis in the 2007-2008 period and was every bit as out of place as I was, mainly owing to his possession of a soul and priorities other than compensation…”

The full post from Nicholas Chirls is well worth your time to read.  Here it is:  My Time at Lehman / Thoughts from Brooklyn