Some things I’m reading this morning:

  • According to one Federal Reserve Governor, the Fed is incapable of lowering the unemployment rate without creating more bubbles (Bloomberg)
  • Show these charts to anyone who thinks debt, spending & taxes are at all time highs (BusinessInsider)
  • Latest market developments reason to get defensive (DynamicHedge)
  • John Hussman: when the cover of a major financial magazine features a cartoon of a bull leaping through the air on a pogo stick, it’s probably about time to cash in the chips (HussmanFunds)
  • Commodities have fallen sharply this month (NYT)
  • Weekly economic indicators return to lukewarm positive (BonddadBlog)
  • Earnings results are flashing warning for stocks (CNBC)
  • Chicago Manuals: so Chicago is not Detroit, not yet (NYT)