Some things I’m reading this morning:

  • GDP report shows economy growing at 2.5% in first quarter (Marketwatch)
  • Bullish sentiment is currently lower than it has been in more than 85% of all prior weeks during this bull market (Bespoke)
  • Meet Apple, the new Microsoft (Quartz)
  • Reasons why Value outperforms Growth (AboveTheMarket)
  • Placing the current rally in perspective (TheFatPitch)
  • It’s almost May, so go away (SeekingAlpha)
  • Art Cashin: the end of austerity? (TBP)
  • For Bush, a day to bask in the Texas sun (NYT)
  • Has catastrophe become a kind of emotional catnip for us? (Alternet)
  • Warning–keep the volume down if you’re at work:  Michael Shannon reads the insane Delta Gamma sorority letter (FunnyOrDie)