brokenmoneylinkSome things I’m reading this morning:

  • Alan Greenspan: taper now, even if the economy isn’t ready (CNBC)
  • How to read a jobs report (Slate); see also, A lot is riding on today’s U.S. jobs data (FT); see also, Payrolls in U.S. rose 175,000 in May, unemployment at 7.6% (Bloomberg)
  • Kass: the market is headed much lower (RCM); see also, This market correction will pass (CalafiaBeachPundit)
  • REITs are getting smashed (chessNwine)
  • Apple’s Tim Cook is trying my patience (MotleyFool)
  • Judy Blume on the Tiger Eyes Film, What She’s Reading, and Why Moms Can’t Get Their Daughters to Read Her Books (VanityFair)
  • All aboard the SS Kid Rock (GQ)