Links17662Some things I’m reading this morning:

  • CNBC is a rich source of useless information (USnews)
  • This Ironman market is still lacking respect (NYT)
  • When mom & pop start to buy, it’s time to sell (MarketWatch)
  • Best case scenario from here is 3-5% upside; worst case is 5-15% downside (DynamicHedge)
  • The changing debate over China’s economy (MichaelPettis)
  • How the ‘world’s dumbest idea’ killed the U.S. economic recovery (Forbes)
  • Chicago sees pension crisis drawing near (NYT)
  • Dr Sanjay Gupta: why I changed my mind on weed (CNN)
  • High bar has been set for the finale of ‘Breaking Bad’ (NYT)