atsignSome things I’m reading this morning:

  • Private jobs growing, while weekly claims falling (CNBC)
  • Bank of Japan: 5 takeaways from Kuroda’s comments (WSJ)
  • Top 10 stocks experts are buying and selling (Morningstar)
  • Kass: short-term outlook improves (TheStreet)
  • It’s no joke: the economy is surging (MSN)
  • If Pimco’s Gross & El-Erian can’t agree, the rest of us are toast (Marketwatch)
  • Further evidence of an overvalued market (PragCap)
  • The stock market has a track record of bottoming days before a military strike (BusinessInsider)
  • A blind march into Syria (NewYorker)
  • Billy Corgan, Lord of the Ring (GQ)