Some things I’m reading this morning:

    • Doug Kass: 7 reasons a recession is more likely than you think (TheStreet)
    • The benchmark 10-year Treasury traded below 2% for the first time since June 2013 (Bloomberg)
    • U.S. oil producers may drill themselves into oblivion (BusinessWeek)
    • Ebola virus disease in West Africa–the first 9 months of the epidemic and forward projections (NewEnglandJournalOfMedicine)
    • Jim Cramer:  why Ebola is behind the selloff (CNBC)
    • Is Wednesday’s market selloff a sign of global slowdown or a correction? (FP)
    • Wall Street might know something the rest of us don’t (NYT)
    • What if there is no tomorrow? (TRB)
    • Which movies to see–& skip–at the 50th Chicago Intl Film Festival (ChicagoReader)