I am a registered investment advisor.  I spend a significant amount of time reading about financial markets and the economy.  You, or at least most of you, are busy living your life — working, spending time with your families, paying bills, exercising, etc.  You either don’t have the time to focus on issues of finance or are suspicious (deservedly so) of the biased information being put forth by the major banks and brokerage firms.  Unfortunately, opinions and analysis about markets are often governed by commissions and other forms of revenue share given the opaque and non-transparent fee structures at the sell side (banks and brokerage firms) institutions.

As a fee-only independent advisor, I’m free from the inherent conflicts of interest associated with the banking & brokerage business (for more information about my investment management practice, visit Investment Management).

With this blog, I intend to share with you some of the material (articles, analysis, opinions and more) that I read.  The information is intended to be raw, but also easy to digest.  It will consist of a sample of the main concerns, issues & opportunities confronted by anyone managing money.  The articles & writings will represent various views and perspectives on financial markets with a penchant towards fact-based and data-driven opinions.  Some of these views I will agree with, others I won’t.  The purpose is to provide you — the busy individual — with pertinent, informative, insightful and independent perspectives on financial markets.

These blog posts will also include my own commentary.  My opinions and thoughts are not be taken as providing any kind of investment advice.  For that, I’d be happy to discuss during a private consultation.

Finally, although the focus of the blog will be financial markets and the economy, I hope to integrate interesting content around the web about culture, music, sports and other topics of the day.

I hope that you find the site to be informative and that you bookmark the link (https://jcinvests.wordpress.com) for continued visits as I will be updating the blog frequently.

Thank you,


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